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Spring Has Almost Sprung - Things to Come in 2023

Hi there. I know it's been a minute.  I wanted to share a quick update on why I've been MIA over the past year or so. 

I am excited to announce some changes to my business in the coming months.  Not only will this be realistic to coincide with my current lifestyle, but it also will expand my offerings to encompass the thing that makes me the most stoked: natural dyeing. 

2022 was a challenging, yet paramount year for me.  I finally adjusted to my life here on the West Coast. I was suddenly, consistently, and indefinitely surrounded by masses of opportunity. From towering evergreens, lush and full of life suitable for foraging fungi for natural dyeing projects, to meeting like-minded creatives who also so dearly value their connection with the natural world.  

I was constantly surrounded by movement, decisions, and opportunities, and in short - I tried to go along with all of them.  And what ended up happening: I burnt myself out.  I tried every single thing I've ever been interested in, and more.  I put myself out there, and made some lifelong friends as a result.  But I also put this project on the back burner.  Partially because I was so enveloped in the new possibilities that surrounded me.  Partially because...I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go next. 

And now, here we are in late March of 2023, and Spring is quite literally blossoming in the Emerald City of Seattle.  Outside my window, sakura trees begun to bloom outside my window; reminding me and the rest of those around me, that nothing is constant, and every decision you make, conversation you have, and day you live can route you somewhere you've never imagined for yourself. Each day I remind myself that has lead me to exactly where I am in this moment: precisely where I need to be. 

I once read that there are three things you can't avoid: pain, uncertainty, and constant work. Over the past few years, I have been working through the pain that has slowed me down, the uncertainty was exacerbated by self-doubt, and through these two things, I put in continuous work.  And though we are all indefinite works in progress...I'd like to think I final have found myself complete.  Growing, yet complete. 

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