Virtual | Natural Dyeing with Bark Extracts

  • $110.00

Come learn about the art of natural dyes, utilizing some of the most accessible dyes available: bark extracts.  With inputs ranging from logwood, to catechu, we'll be using a variety of materials to create beautiful natural color. 

This course will be taught live online via Google Meet - where you will have an opportunity to ask questions in real time via chat. 

I'll review the natural dyeing process from start to finish, including how to treat your fabric (mordanting), how you can modify your dyes (modifiers), and how you care for your pieces. 

Tuition: $60

This is the base cost for the course itself. 

Materials: $50

For this class, I will be shipping you a small package of items for use in this dye class, including the bark extract powder for you to use at home. You can also chose to add on an item you'd like to dye from the links below that I will include in your shipment. Simply add it to your cart and purchase alongside your class.

Optional add-ons for you to dye in addition to your swatches:

- Organic 24" Cotton or 21" Silk Bandana ($15 or $30)

- Organic 10" Cotton Handkerchief ($10)

After you register for this dye class, you will receive an email that informs you of any specific materials you may need for this class that are not provided in the materials package.  You will receive a customized invitation to the meeting.  

Registrations for this class will close on Monday, February 26th, '24 so we can ensure you receive your dye kits on time.