Not only does fashion have an impact on our planet and its people, but animals are often adversely affected by our consumerism.  That's why our pieces ensure no harm comes to animals and promotes wildlife conservation. 


Our products


All of our products are created with vegan dyes and fabrics.  No animal cruelty involved.  Period. 

No Harm to Wildlife

Some of our pieces feature beading by women in Northern Kenya through an organization that provides fair wages and ensures no harm comes to wildlife as a result. 

Profit for Wildlife

A portion of our annual profits is donated to global wildlife conservation organizations that are committed to providing a sustainable future for our planet's creatures.

We're a Member

We are proud to be a member of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, who certifies practices to ensure no harm comes to surrounding wildlife. The beading on some of our garments are Certified Wildlife Friendly™. Learn more at

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Image courtesy of BeadWORKS Kenya