Whether it was sourcing raw materials or deciding on a production team, small-scale, fair labor was the only option.  Creating transparency behind who is making your clothes is crucial to a sustainable future for fashion, and we promise to ensure that our practices are sustainable at all stages of the journey.

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Our products

Hand Crafted

All of our cut and sew productions are done ethically in a small cottage in Nairobi, Kenya. The small team of four are provided fair wages and working time off.

Hand Dyed

Our pieces are hand-dyed with natural materials through ancient processes in our partner facility in India, where workers are afforded fair wages and a living income. 

Small Batch Releases

Our pieces are released as part of micro collections, putting more emphasis on the quality of the product rather than the quantity produced, so our production teams can create garments and fabrics slowly.

Providing a livelihood

Some of our pieces feature beading done by women in Northern Kenya.  Through BeadWORKS, they are afforded a sustainable source of income and a living wage to promote women, wildlife communities and conservation. 

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Photo courtesy of BeadWORKS Kenya