Natural Dyeing: From the Kitchen (Remake x Studio Azurra Reimagining Your Wardrobe Series) Class #1

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In this class, we will learn about the art of natural dyes using some of the most accessible dyes: kitchen scraps.  With possible inputs ranging from avocados, to red onions, to carrot tops, we'll be using a variety of materials to create beautiful natural color. 

We’ll review the natural dyeing process from start to finish, including how to treat your fabric, how you can modify your dyes, and how you care for your pieces. 

No prior dyeing experience is necessary to take this course.

Tuition: $105

Materials: $20

Optional dye add-ons for you:

- Organic 24" Cotton or 21" Silk Bandana ($15 or $30)

- Organic 10" Cotton Handkerchief ($10)

This class will take place in Seattle, Washington. You will receive an email with details regarding the class address, parking information, and more a few days before the event.

About the Remake x Studio Azurra Reimagining Your Wardrobe Series

This class is offered as part of a 3-course series with Remake, an organization dedicated to educating and championing climate-forward and socially-just fashion. This series is a collaboration as part of their #NoNewClothes campaign, which runs from June - September of each year. In this series, you will have the opportunity to reimagine your wardrobe with new colors made from natural materials including scraps from your kitchen, herbs from your garden, and materials from the wild. 

Each class can be taken individually, or all three classes can be purchased together as a discount in taking the entire series. 

A portion of your purchase will be donated to Remake following the campaign.  We are grateful to partner with Remake, and look forward to helping you reimagine your wardrobe!