The Next Wave - Introducing Studio Azurra

The Next Wave - Introducing Studio Azurra

Hello all!

Excited to get on here again to share some really exciting news that has been in the works for some time. I have created a path for myself and am excited to share some immediate changes to my brand and offerings. I am proud to introduce the next iteration of Violet Revolt: Studio Azurra. 

AZURRA (AH-ZUR-RAH) is the river through which anthropogenic passion from art, design, and environmental conservation flows in unity.

Stemming from the Italian word for azure, the color often used to describe the ocean, Studio Azurra provides an inclusive waterway for all to learn, and be inspired by the beauty of natural dyeing and sustainable fashion. 

Studio Azurra has two main pillars:

1. Color from the Earth | Color from nature brings us back to our roots. Each dye that is used comes directly from material grown from the Earth. From kitchen scraps, to indigo, and even mushrooms, each color from the Azurra pallet comes from the Earth.

2. Creating for Earth | Studio Azurra comes from a desire to merge the beauty of wearable art, with protection and conservation of the earth.  Studio Azurra partners with numerous charitable organizations to ensure a portion of proceeds is donated to conservation. A portion of each purchase is donated to conservation organizations.

Why the change?

I had been struggling for a while with my previous brand, Violet Revolt for myriad reasons.  I built Violet Revolt at a time in my life where I thought procuring a clothing brand from start to finish was a feasible option. Through that endeavor, I tried many avenues, and faced many (many) failures. Through this, I continued on, knowing I still wanted to continue to find a way to make a difference in wildlife conservation and sustainable fashion. It was through these hardships, that I divulged a means to chisel out my own baseline for life. Meaning - in a nutshell: what do I want to be doing here, at a minimum? As I'm sure many of you can relate, what I wanted to be doing 5 years ago has changed so drastically. I've changed so drastically. What I value, who I hold dear, what drives me, what brings me joy, has changed so much over the past few years. But I can honestly say I think I've finally come into myself more than I ever have.  And I'm quite proud of the person I've become.

Through this soul searching (utilizing my creative business as my vessel), I've come to realize what truly brings me joy in this creative endeavor: creating natural color from the Earth. 

Living in Washington state enables me to have a more favorable position than most to find usable dye materials in my surrounding environment almost year round.  From barks, to urban flora, to fungi found in ecosystems which dot the landscape here - I have had all of these intricate, delicate, and spectacular organisms at my disposal. And I am enthralled.  Enraptured.  Captivated. And it is through them that I hope to educate and inspire people to continue to lean in to their connection with the natural world. 

What's changing, you might ask? Studio Azurra will be my all-encompassing creative and art studio. My main shtick being natural color.  I will be hosting small-scale natural dyeing classes out of my home in Seattle, where I can educate others on the simplicity and beauty of natural dyeing. Furthermore, on an ad hoc basis, I'll have pieces that I've dyed from various materials available in my store. 

I'm really excited to announce the release of my first in-home class on Wednesday, July 19!  This course will focus on kitchen scraps, as they are easily accessible to others. Each person taking the class will get their own piece to take home with them. Each of these at-home sessions are called a "Wine & Dye," so I will have appetizers, wine, as well as non-alcoholic beverages available. Due to the nature of this, the event is 21+. Space is limited, so reserve your spot while you can! The price covers the cost of material, food, and drinks.

Curious what you can expect from the class? Read the digest here from the class I held earlier this year. 

Be on the lookout for some pieces I'll be putting up on the site soon! 

2023 realization? Life is a continual evolution. And you're never complete. Here's to new beginnings, and to leaning that much more into yourself.  I love the journey that is life.

Cheers and all that jazz,