sea turtle

Your Impact at Studio Azurra in 2023: Philanthropy & Giving Back

The inception of Studio Azurra all began with a desire to help our planet and its inhabitants.  From the beginning, I knew I wanted to find a way to merge ethical consumerism with purpose. 

That's why, with every piece you purchase, and every class you take, a portion of those proceeds are donated to reputable conservation organizations around the world. 

This year, Studio Azurra is proud to support the Jane Goodall Institute. The Jane Goodall Institute works to inspire others to conserve the natural world we all share. 


The above photo was taken in my visit to Uganda in late 2019. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to live in Nairobi, Kenya for about 6 months from fall of 2019 - early spring of 2020. My entire hope in being there was to propel my understand of wildlife conservation, while working on the ground to drive change. Given Jane Goodall has been my idol in conservation for some time, it was only fitting that during my time I see the creatures that inspired her life's work, and legacy: chimpanzees. 

I traveled to Fort Portal in Uganda, a place notorious for its chimpanzee population.  There, I went on a full day trek through the jungle with a guide to find some of the creatures that are more akin to us than most. I can't quite articulate the feeling of locking eyes with a creature so similar yet different to us. 

Through supporting organizations like the Jane Goodall Institute, I hope to empower people to feel good about supporting a business. We live in a world where we are meant to feel guilty about buying things, and indulging in our interests. The onus is so often put on the consumer to make responsible purchases, with massive influential corporations continuing time and time again to avoid responsibility for the destruction they are imposing on our ever-connected ecosystems. 

I am excited to continue to support impactful initiatives moving forward. Thank you for allowing me to support these causes.